Firestorm Confirmed as Black Lantern

firestorm black lanternClick the image for a larger version.

So that brings the total of confirmed Black Lanterns up to five. With the reveal of Black Hand as the leader of the group, along with promo images showing both Earth-2 Superman and Aquaman, and now throwing Firestorm and Martian Manhunter into the mix, this team is starting to look pretty sick.

My only question is, will it be as exciting to read the story if we already know who all of the bad guys are going to be before the story even begins? I remember one of the coolest moments, for me, during the Sinestro Corps War was at the end of the one-shot special issue that kicked the whole thing off, we were shown a giant reveal of the heavy hitting players who were given yellow rings.

I’m just hoping that all of these promo images don’t soften the impact once they’re finally revealed in the pages of Green Lantern.

I think another one of the cool things that we’re seeing with the Black Lanterns that we saw with the Sinestro Corps is that they’re taking established characters and throwing them into the team, and it just adds that much more drama and excitement, knowing all the members. It makes me wonder if we’ll see any familiar faces take hold of a red or blue ring. Or any of the colors, really. That could be fun.

Source: Newsarama.