Worst to First: April 29th, 2009

Howdy, how do, sports fans? I haven’t been buying as many comics lately (‘conomy ate mah job and I ain’t got money ta spend), but I picked up a decent number of comics this week, so I figured I’d write something about them. Unfortunately, this format doesn’t really work for me anymore, since I’ve only been buying comics that I know I’ll like. So the “worst” comic of the week is still pretty darn good. That said, let’s get down to brass tacks.

justice society of america 26Worst: Justice Society of America #26

What a weird cover. Since when did Doctor Fate join the JSA? And who’s that guy with the handlebar ‘stache?

Oh well. In this issue, we get a farewell from the current creative team, as Geoff Johns is leaving next issue (I’m going to join him!). It’s a decent story about Stargirl’s surprise (belated) birthday party after the whole mess with Black Adam. It’s a nice little denouement, enhanced by the way Johns draws out all the differences in each character while showing how such a diverse cast of characters can come together as a team.

It’s complete fluff, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. One thing I won’t miss about this series, though, is how Starman is so eccentric and quirky. That shit’s been annoying since Day Damn One, Vivian.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this issue, because nothing really happens. Farewell, JSA. Thanks for the memories.

Get to the Fireworks Factory, Already: Green Lantern #40

I’m loving the slow burn on Green Lantern, but, man alive, I want this to start moving faster. That’s probably more a compliment to the writing than it is a detriment, but still.

In this issue, Hal Jordan deals with the recent addition of a blue ring to his hand, as he’s trying to get it off while battling Agent Orange, the lantern of avarice (greed). Turns out that Hal can’t shed the blue ring until he finds something he truly hopes for. My favorite moment comes midway through the comic, when he hopes for world peace and the ring points out his insincerity.

I think this issue has a new artist who hasn’t been working on GL lately, but his style fits, and I didn’t mind it at all. He’s pretty talented.

So yeah, in summary, decent story with some pretty pictures to look at, building toward something that I hope is awesome. Hey, look at that, I can take off my blue ring now.

For the Last Time, Get a New Artist!: Nova #24

As the newly developed Nova Corps take on the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Richard Rider deals with his new Quantum Bands, a gift bestowed upon him by the ghost of Wendell Vaughn, aka Quasar. His goal is to fly into the Nova Corps’ equivalent of Mogo and take out their home-base of operations (remember, Rich was stripped of his Nova powers and knows that Worldmind is up to no good).

The story itself is decent enough, as I’ve grown to expect from Abnett and Lanning. They do such a fantastic job of putting a human face on a giant universal conflict, as one of the members of the Nova Corps is featured in this giant crossover fight with “War of Kings.”

The problem I’m having, though, is that I hate the art. I’m not sure why, however. It just seems really cartoony and lacks any sort of detail. I hate criticizing art, because I can’t draw for shit, but there’s something lacking here, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Geoff Johns Should Just Write Every Comic: Legion of 3 Worlds #4

I just realized how much of a mark I am for Geoff Johns. I love pretty much everything I’ve read by him, and this is no exception. It’s been four solid issues of big fights, big twists, big turns, big comebacks, and I’m loving every panel.

This issue, Sunboy finally puts down his drink and joins the fight, and Conner Kent returns to take down Superboy-Prime. Meanwhile, the Time Trapper takes Superman and the founders of the Legion out of the mix and fights with them at the End of Time. The big twist is that the Time Trapper is actually a much older Superboy-Prime.

As has been the case with every issue of this series so far, every panel is loaded down with goodies, so I think I’m gonna have to go through it several more times to catch everything. My initial reaction, though, is that it’s pure fun-lovin’ comic book mayhem, and I absolutely love it.

First: Blackest Night #0

Got an early copy of this thing, but I can’t say much because it’s this week’s Book of Doom. Come back on Sunday for all of our reviews of it. Hands down, though, this is the best comic I’ve read in probably two years. And it’s free! What a bonus. Check it out.