Comics Cameos in Politics Land

I need to come up with a good name for what could easily be a recurring feature, because I see stuff like this all the time in political and policy writing (or at least more than I’d expect) and it’s like a special shout-out to the comics fans. This is from Matthew Yglesias at Thinkprogress in a blog today on efficiency and urban building height restrictions:

I said something last weekend about how it was a shame that Newark, New Jersey has a more impressive skline than does our nation’s capital and that Washington ought to revisit its extremely stringent restrictions on the allowed height of downtown office buildings. This prompted a reply about how it’s nice that the DC streets get a lot of sunlight. I was going to fire back that New York is hardly full of Morlocks and it’s not like there are a ton of people taking leisurely strolls through Downtown DC anyway (it’s mostly people working, it’s an office district) but the whole argument about aesthetics really misses the mark.