Book of Doom Preview:
X-Force/Cable: Messiah War Prologue

So I may have snoozed my way through Stump the Doominator this week (it’ll be back next Sunday) but that doesn’t mean I’m skimping on the Book of Doom. The pickings were a little thin this week, and I refuse to read another Bat-book. But the second part of the Messiah trilogy is upon us, and I do love me some X-Men … even if the core books aren’t involved. But anyway, here we go …

Marvel Comics

(W) Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
(A) Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

The X-Men event of the decade. The birth of a single mutant child forever changed the landscape of the X-Universe. Some see the baby as the last hope for mutankind’s survival; others see it as the bringer of the Apocalypse. No one knows which side is right because Cyclops handed the newborn over to Cable, believing his son could save both the child and mutantkind. But Cable never came back. Now, months later, Cyclops has found his son hiding in the future… and he’s sending in the one team that will do what needs to be done in order to ensure the survival of their species: X-Force.

FC, 48pg $3.99
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