Obama is the new foil

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that Youngblood #8 was going to have an Obama cover, as if there could be a more eye-rollingly transparent attempt to cash in on the same excitement surrounding the Amazing Spider-Man Obama cover.

Well, apparently, it works.

CBR is reporting that Youngblood #8 is sold out, “despite a very significant overprint.” I have to give the cover artist credit — he’s drafted a much more convincing Obama likeness than whoever worked on the Spider-Man issue.

Rob Liefeld’s sales pitch cracked me up. “YOUNGBLOOD #8 is just the prelude to a much larger story,” Liefeld told CBR. “If you liked it, you’re going to be blown away by the next issue in May.” At least he’s being more realistic about the timetable of a serial comic, giving three months between issues. Way to capitalize on the renewed excitement in your book.

Although if it’s anything like me and my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #583, these people will never open it.