Stump the Doominator, Week of Feb. 22, 2009

This feature – where I try to sum up a complicated storyline or storylife in one sentence – is still fairly new. But Stump the Doominator submissions this week were … scant. Really scant. In fact, three of these are Doom DeLuise questions. We’ll start with those:

Explain Hypertime.

Hypertime is Mark Waid being an excessively lazy turd and finding a way for DC to not have to do jack about continuity by saying that if a story is told, it happens and its canon which puts “Smallville” on the same level as “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” and puts the Wonder Twins as actually having been Justice League members.

What the flippity-do (no, he didn’t use that word) is Mojo, and what is he all about?

Mojo is an alien from a race of spineless, violent beings who controls his own little corner of Hell called Mojoworld that’s all about ramping up television ratings for other evil beings on this plane of existence by having people die a lot, and in order to do this he clones dudes with three fingers and makes babies out of superheroes.

Who are all the known members of the Summers family (including ones from alternate realities, like Marvel Girl 3)?

There were some Stamp-folks whose name changed to Summers and down the line, Phillip and Deborah begat Christopher who rubbed parts with Katherine and made Scott, Alex and Gabriel, and Scott begat Nathan with Madelyne Pryor who grew up to be Cable who had a son who became Genesis and now ports around the ambiguous savior baby Hope, and their semi-aunt Rachel was from an alternate reality where she married Franklin Richards and had a son who would become Hyperstorm and a sister who was inconsequential; this is probably compounded by a half-uncle-clone thing that Gambit was “revealed” to be in X-Men: The End along with a bunch of Frost Summers children while Alex had his own alternate reality tyke named Scotty with Madelyne Pryor again, as well as a test-tube Jean / Scott thing called X-Man.

I may have missed a few. That’s off the top of my head, so please forgive any alternates I missed.

And Jen B., who is not Doom DeLuise, asks:

Can you explain the origin of Lady Deathstrike?

This is hazy, but here goes …

She had some kind of beef with Wolverine about her mad scientist / Weapon X related father so she used his adamantium methods and a little help from Spiral to become a deadly robot thing and try to honor-kill Wolverine in one of those semi-racist plots.

So … that’s all I have for this week. Gary Smith from last still hasn’t emailed his Superman question in, so I still won’t answer it. But if YOU have a question you think I can’t sum up either well or sardonically in one sentence, shoot an email over to