A Day in the Life of Wolverine

Interesting article today on Graphic Fiction, a blog by Van Jensen, about a pitch he submitted to Marvel regarding a potential Wolverine story he came up with a few months ago. Long time readers probably remember Van as former Doomkopf contributor “Jean-Claude Van Doom.”

Apparently, his pitch has recently popped up in Marvel’s May solicitations, though with a different writer and with no affiliation to Van to speak of. It’s a fascinating read, so I suggest checking it out. He’s careful about making sure he doesn’t step on any toes (especially the legal kind), but I don’t care about that,* so let me just say that I’m absolutely certain that Marvel is a bunch of thieving jerks* who stole his idea* without any compensation, and if I were him, I’d sue the pants off ’em.*

And then I’d sell ’em pants!*

*Legal Disclaimer: Don’t sue me. I’m joking.