Worst Writer of 2008

Jim Doom says: Ultimate Jeph Loeb!

jeph loeb worst writer of 2008The Ultimate Universe’s reimagining of Jeph Loeb continues to baffle me. I recently reread some of Loeb’s Batman comics, and that stuff was really good! The difference between his DC work and his Marvel work can probably only be explained by comparing it to how DC’s Captain Marvel is nothing like Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Marvel’s Jeph Loeb must just be some other guy, perhaps an alien, whereas DC’s guy is magical.

I was leaning toward a tie with Fabian Nicieza, who instead ends up demoted (or is it promoted?) to the second-worst, until I started looking through what came out this past year and remembered Hulk #1. Then I read Ultimatum #1. Then I read Ultimatum #2. This guy needs some mandatory time off.

Honorable mention: Fabian Nicieza

I’m not sure if there is a writer out there who I can immediately recognize from his work quite like Fabian Nicieza. For the most part, watch for attempted snappy dialogue littered with outdated pop culture references that does little more than distract from whatever is supposed to be going on. His presence on Trinity was painful enough to overpower one of my favorite writers, and he defied several attempts to get back in to Robin.

Fin Fang Doom says: Reggie Hudlin!

Grant Morrison tried his damnedest this year, but not even Final Crisis has been bad enough to convince me anyone other than returning champion Reggie Hudlin could possibly get this honor. I haven’t read Black Panther for three years, but the very fact that Hudlin is still writing comics is enough of a reason to declare him the worst writer of 2008.

Doom DeLuise says: James Robinson!

What a great year to show a perfect example of how to write Superman well and how to write him poorly. Over in Action Comics, the Big Blue Boyscout traveled to the 31st Century to do battle alongside the Legion of Superheroes, wrapped up a big fight with General Zod and his cronies, battled the real Brainiac, and dealt with the death of his earth father, Pa Kent.

However, over in the pages of Superman, James Robinson brought back Krypto, Superman’s dog, and had Superman fight a big boring idiot named Atlas. I stopped reading about midway through, so I don’t know what other gems I missed out on, but that stuff was bad enough for me to give up on the title. Small caveat: I picked it back up since New Krypton started, and it’s been decent enough. How much of that is due to James Robinson, I don’t know.

Honorable Mention: Judd Winnick

I think I lasted all of three issues into Titans, which was a series I was fairly pumped for. Way to take the air out of my sails, Mr. Bad Writer! Also, earlier in the year, Winnick finished his 12-part Trials of Shazam! mini-series, which was one of my favorites the past two years we’ve done these awards, but I really can’t think of a less-satisfying conclusion than the limp-dicked one he wrapped it up with. What a terrible, terrible ending.

Here are our past picks for the Year’s Worst Writer:

Fin Fang Doom: Reggie Hudlin
Doom DeLuise: Jeph Loeb
Jim Doom: (tie) Brad Meltzer, Dwayne McDuffie, Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb, and Andy Diggle
Doominator: Joe Quesada

Jim Doom: Bruce Jones
Doom DeLuise: Bruce Jones
Fin Fang Doom: Reggie Hudlin
Doominator: Frank Miller