Trinity #28

28In the lead: Alfred’s group of six heads to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island to the cave that would have been the first JLA HQ if the Trinity existed. After some mystic hoodoo, the group is transported to a different world and starts acting more like their “true” selves. Society in this world is run by the Nightlord, the Sunlord, and the Truthlord, obvious stand-ins for the Trinity. And those giant statues of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman from the flash forward in issue #1 are here too.

In the back-up: Hawkman assembles a group of scientists (Will Magnus, T.O. Morrow, Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana and John Henry Irons) to sort out this whole “reality coming down around us” thing. Luthor realizes that the power is being harnessed by TVM, presumably at the behest of Morgaine Le Fey. Tomorrow Woman confronts TVM and gets all sliced up into bits.

My take: The lead this issue was pretty good. It seems that Alfred’s six and Tarot are probably going to play a much larger role in reversing the spell and defeating the bad Trinity than the JSI is, so all the stuff with the JSI just seems like a waste of time. So I didn’t like the back-up, naturally.

It looks like I may have been wrong about Alfred getting another three people to fill a trinity of trinities. It seems odd that Maria Kapatelis would have been introduced several issues ago if she wasn’t going to come back into play, though. As it stands, we’ve got a set of three protégés of the Trinity, but I’m not sure how Alfred, Lois and Nemesis relate to one another. Alfred doesn’t fit the role of a love interest, and Nemesis doesn’t fit the role of long-standing close confidante.

Things to keep an eye on: Why are there giant statues of the Trinity in a society full of purple aliens with Bronze Age technology? The group didn’t change physical positions during the spell, so did they travel through time or across dimensions? I realize I’m grasping at straws here. That will probably be resolved next issue and really isn’t any reason to stick around for another issue. But really, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably not going to stop now.