Trinity #26

26In the lead: Tarot and newcomer Charity O’Dare take a mindtrip through time. Turns out that Tarot is the one woman chosen in this generation to be connected to the Worldsoul, which is the living spirit of the Earth. And apparently she can talk to her former (and deceased) Worldsoul connectees. Or something.

In the back-up: Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma finally work up the balls to ask Konvikt to join their team. There’s more back-story trying to make Konvikt seem like he’s just misunderstood instead of evil. That’s pretty much it.

My take: This is without a doubt the worst issue of Trinity so far. It was just plain terrible. The only interesting aspect of these twenty-two pages is that the lead ended with Tarot standing in front of ghostly apparitions of past Worldsoulers, and the back-up ended with Le Fey standing in front of the same ghostly apparitions of past Worldsoulers. So apparently Le Fey is also attuned to the Worldsoul. So that probably won’t help the good guys too much.

The whole thing about “one in every generation” seems to me like a blatant rip-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Except instead of slaying vampires, all Tarot can do is feel the living spirit of the Earth. I guess that’s almost as exciting, though. Even the bit about connecting with past Worldsoulers in dreams seems a lot like Buffy having dreams about past Slayers. Oh yeah, and they’re both always women, apparently. Lame.

And seriously, this is the third issue in a row where Enigma and Le Fey have been bickering over whether out not to invite Konvikt into the club. Do you need a super-strong alien to complete the spell? Yes you do. So what’s the holdup?

Things to keep an eye on: “If the Worldsoul’s not fixed,” says Tarot, “I’ll die…and the rest of the world’ll be right behind me.” So look for the Worldsoul to be fixed at some point.

By my calculations, the World Without a Trinity arc should be wrapped up in less than eight issues. With the way this thing has been dragging for the past three issues or so, that can’t come soon enough.