Trinity #25

25In the lead: The JSI breaks into the League’s secret HQ in Detroit and Carter Hall has a chit chat with the League’s leader, Barry Allen. In Europe, Enigma and Morgaine Le Fey stop fighting and decide to go track down Konvikt to use him as the third in their Trinity. Tarot arrives in Opal City and freaks out as reality shifts around her.

In the back-up: Alfred meets with Lois Lane, Richie Grayson and Thomas Tresser and tries to convince them the world is not as it should be, and they are a fundamental part of that change. Interceptor (Supergirl) shows up and Alfred subdues her with kryptonite. Everyone is convinced there’s some truth behind Alfred’s words, so they go off in search of the sixth member of their group: Donna Troy.

My take: That was not a very good issue.

There were five pages of the JIS/League confrontation, and not much came out of it. We learned Barry Allen formed the League after he was injured on a mission for the JSI, but considering this reality will cease to exist in ten issues or so, it seems a little unnecessary. And in case you were wondering, the roster of the League is Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, Fire, Vibe, Black Orchid and Ranger. Bit of a letdown.

There were only two pages of Enigma/Le Fey, but they had pretty much come to the conclusion that they needed Konvikt to finish the spell last issue. This was just a re-hashing of that point.

There were four pages of Tarot getting off a bus in Opal City, then it turning into a train, then it turning into an airport. I get it. The world is changing. Turns out Tarot went to Opal to meet Charity, who I’ve never heard of before. And also Tarot has freaky vision powers now.

The back-up was actually the better part of the story this issue. Although it’s still unclear why Alfred has memories of the way things used to be, apparently the rest of the people in the group do as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if this group had more to do with undoing the spell than the JSI does.

Things to keep an eye on: I get the feeling that something akin to Friends, Foes and Foundations will be required to undo Le Fey’s spell. It looks like Alfred already has plans to bring together three people who were the protégés of the Trinity (Dick Grayson, Supergirl and Donna Troy). Lois and Tresser are both love interests of the Trinity. Julia Kapatelis has got to figure back into this some way, and both she and Alfred were surrogate parents to members of the Trinity. Pa Kent could fill the parent role for Superman, but who would be Batman’s love interest? Selina Kyle?