The 24 Hour Comics Day Roundup

As promised last week, here’s a roundup of all the 24 Hour Comics I could find.

First off, from — we’ve been posting our 24 Hour Comics throughout the week, but here they are in one spot:
“Portals of Doom” by Fin Fang Doom
“Space Dinosaurs from the Future” by Doom DeLuise
“The Garden” by Jim Doom
“Man Alive”, an incomplete entry from Doom & Gloom
Doom, Where’s My Car? and Colonel Doom both participated also, and we’ll get those links in here as soon as we have them.

Elsewhere on the web — strangers and new acquaintances:
“Green Noir” by The Astral Gypsy
“No Way, Jose” by evinou_art
“Muñeco” by Quiet Bubble
“Everything is a First Repeating Itself” by Star
“Once Upon a Love Story” by Josh M
“Jenny Everywhere and the Golden Key” by fesworks (a Lego “comic”)
“The Foodle Book Mystery” by Glenn R. Wichman

They gave it their best — the rules of 24 Hour Comics Day are fairly strict, and it’s not called a challenge for nothing. These folks may not have been able to fully complete the challenge, but they’re sharing their work with their heads held high:
“Golden Wing Versus the Freezer” by Zander (had to use a 25th hour to finish — way to stick with it)
“Action Heroes” by Van Jensen (had to use more than 24 hours and didn’t go 24 pages, but it’s a complete story)
(something in Dutch) by Jango Jim (he finished 14 pages — not bad)
Untitled by Podunk (gave up after 9 hours spent on 2 pages — understandable)
“Fata Obstant” by Ryan Cody (he pre-designed characters and plotted the story in advance, plus the posted images have been Photoshopped and re-lettered, but the final product looks nice)
“Hippie and the Creature” by McHozer Comics (posting one page per week after digital improvements)

Still waiting on… — these folks declared their intentions to participate and post the final product, but there’s nothing uploaded yet. Keep an eye out.
Keith Chan (he has video proving he did it!)
Alfredo Lopez Jr.

The Comics Reporter has a roundup too.