Trinity #21

21In the lead: After a little back-story on Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma, “Despero” is revealed to be Kanjar Ro in disguise. Due to his deceit, Morgaine Le Fey’s spell wasn’t completed as it should be. Le Fey and Enigma has become demigods, and their bad from the abyss on the newly Trinity-free Earth. But the super-police of this Earth are already hot on their tails…

In the back-up: John Stewart’s binary problem is revealed to be “the Void Hound, the Erdammeru,” a Qwardian super-computer thingie. The Erdammeru finally lashes out, but Firestorm arrives just in time to save the day. Stewart regains control just long enough to realize he has to flee Earth for the planet’s safety, and Firestorm is attacked by the JSI.

My take: This story seems to be all over the place since the Trinity got erased from existence. We’ve jumped from Tarot to Firestorm to the bad Trinity to Krona to random civilians. There hasn’t really been a coherent storyline since issue #17. It’s like this is all a 24-Hour Comic by me and Doom DeLuise. Hopefully things start to settle down and come together pretty soon.

We got a little bit of back-story on Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma this issue. Le Fey was a good girl until Arthur showed up to claim the throne of Britain which Le Fey thought was rightfully hers. She wants to become a god so she can rule the world. Enigma was a good family man until he became a superhero and Ultraman burned his face and murdered his family. He wants to become a god to bring his family back and save his home world from the Crime Syndicate. One of those seems a little more sympathetic than the other.

Things to keep an eye on: Without the real Despero, Le Fey’s spell wasn’t complete. Granted, the villains are still pretty godlike, but now there’s a chink in their armor, and a chance to restore the Trinity.

With John Stewart off-planet, Firestorm doesn’t have any allies left on Earth. He and Tarot are now the only two super-people around with any knowledge that the Trinity existed. How long will it be until they cross paths?