Space Dinosaurs from the Future: A 24-Hour Comic

I’m not going to lie to you. I couldn’t think of anything good. This 24-Hour Comic just went from bad to worse, and the only reason I kind of enjoy the final product is because, over the course of the event, I made the decision several times to kill off all the characters and scrap the idea, but, after doing the killing, reversed the decision and tried to figure out a way to dig my way back out of the hole I’d just dug my way into. Little bit of advice, though: If you ever find yourself in a hole, don’t dig your way out. Climb out. It’s probably much, much easier.

I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for the heavy-handed symbolism at the end, by the way. It seemed more subtle in my mind, but instead it’s just kind of in-your-face obvious with how it explains the rest of the story. And, just a quick heads-up, even though it doesn’t read this way, the last picture is supposed to be an overhead shot of a dinosaur paw-print in some mud. Spoiler alert? Feast your eyes on this!