Trinity #16

16In the lead: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman take the fight to Morgaine Le Fey, Enigma and Despero, and are working better as a team than ever thanks to Le Fey’s merging spell. During the battle, Superman and Wonder Woman realize Enigma is the Antimatter Earth’s Riddler, and Batman notices that Despero isnt really Despero, but not before “Despero” can brand Batman with the final tarot symbol. While on monitor duty, Firestorm discovers that Krona’s Cosmics Egg is missing.

In the back-up: Hawkman and Gangbuster rescue Tarot. Hawkman turns back to help the Trinity and gets blown up, presumably as a result of Morgaine Le Fey casting her spell.

My take: Not a whole lot of excitement this week. We all knew this was going to end with Batman getting marked so the bad guys could do their magic and make Ragman the new guardian of Gotham. The fight was kind of cool, with the heroes constantly changing opponents to keep them off guard. Certainly nothing to write home about, though (or apparently write a blog about).

I really don’t care about Tarot anymore. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever liked Tarot. She’s obviously just there to serve a purpose in the story, and Busiek doesn’t seem to be doing a lot to make her unique. I had actually forgotten that Tarot was still being held captive when Gangbuster rescued her this week. I’m guessing she still has more of a role to play, so I hope her character becomes a little more interesting than a plot device.

Things to keep an eye on: Superman immediately wonders why the Antimatter Riddler isn’t a good guy when he realizes Enigma’s true identity. I guess I assumed that since our Riddler is now a good guy, the Antimatter Riddler would be a bad guy. But now it looks like there’s more to that story.

So if Despero isn’t Despero, than who is he? Immediately I thought of Lex Luthor, but how could he have possibly known Le Fey and Enigma would seek him out? The story is pointing towards Krona being behind everything, so is he just influencing events to facilitate his rebirth? Does that mean “Despero” is working for Krona?