Trinity #8

8In the lead: Despero reveals to Enigma and Morgaine Le Fey that he is in posession of the cosmic egg that houses Krona. Meanwhile, Batman hosts a political fundraiser, Superman takes Lois on a lunch date in the Middle East, and Wonder Woman goes shopping. Really.

In the back-up: The evil Trinity try to figure out a way to harness the power of the cosmic egg.

My take: Oh crap, that makes two issues in a row that just sucked. I realize not every issue can be packed to the gills with action and excitement, but that doesn’t mean an issue has to be pure filler.

Maybe it would have been better if the lead was just about the evil Trinity. Thirteen pages of this issue centered on those three already, and more went on with them than with our heroes. A story about the downtime of the good Trinity seems like it’d be a better fit for a back-up story, anyway.

The worst part about this issue is that while Batman is doing his best to avoid his downtime by sulking in the Batcave and Superman is taking care of some random villainy while traversing the world with his wife, Wonder Woman is just out shopping with her gal pal. Batman and Superman are trying to figure thisw mystery out aroud the clock, but apparently Wonder Woman has different prioritites. Way to present WW as an equal to the two men, Busiek.

Things to keep an eye on: At the end of the lead, Bruce Wayne is attacked by the “werewolves” in an attempt to brand him in the same way Wonder Woman was. What do these markings mean, and how the hell are they going to brand the Man of Steel?