Trinity #5

5In the lead: Batman figures out how to beat Konvikt while Superman and Wonder Woman keep him busy. Then Batman hunts down one of those furry monsters that was tailing Tarot last issue, that are also tailing the Trinity.

In the back-up: Those three goofy villains from last issue attack Tarot, who is saved thanks to the the triumphant return of…Gangbuster! Wait, who?

My take: I really like the pacing of this series. The Konvikt story took four issues to run its course, which amounts to 48 pages, which is about two issues of a regular monthly series. Batman solved the “who’s following us?” mystery before it even became a mystery. After only five issues, the Trinity already know someone is watching them. Things seems to be moving along at a pretty good clip.

Superman’s reaction to the Trinity being called “The Trinity” was interesting. Surely Superman’s never thought he’s better than other heroes; that’s just not in his nature (although I’m not sure I could say the same about Batman and Wonder Woman). While the three have noticed there’s some connection they share that is unique, I don’t think any of them have ever considered themselves part of some mythical threesome. That’s what erotic fan fiction is for.

The story of Tarot is boring. I understand she’ll be important at some point in the future, and I understand that those furry monsters are following her, but the inclusion of three lame villains and an even lamer hero doesn’t make for an interesting story. There’s got to be something better Busiek and Nicienze could do with her. And if there’s not, they should just leave Tarot out until there is.

Things to keep an eye on: The final page of the lead may look familiar; it’s one of the flashforward images we got in the back-up of the first issue of the series. The dialogue is exactly the same as it was in #1, except for one balloon. In #1, Tarot says “The gangs…that dream…that–whatever that monster was–there has to be a way out, a way back to normal. I can’t just hide.” In #5, she says “The cards are acting funny–showing me stuff I shouldn’t be able to see. But they’re reading true, too. So they’ll tell me…” Most likely Busiek just decided to change the dialogue around a little, but it’s not like the dialogue from #1 wouldn’t make sense in the context of #5. Since the dialogue was changed to have Tarot say she shouldn’t be able to see what she’s seeing, and we’re dealing with people looking into the future, it makes me wonder if there’s more signifigance to this little change than meets the eye.

DC Universe Online has me drooling with anticipation. Nothing to do with Trinity, but I really want to play this game.