Does Marvel require its writers to know anything about its characters?

Edited to correct a minor, insignificant error

Clearly, if I made the decision to purchase X-Force #1 I’m obviously a glutton for some kind of brain-dead punishment.


So Cyclops set up X-Force back during Messiah Complex, because he rationalized to himself that as long as they’re wearing different uniforms and going by a different name, he can order X-Men to be cold-blooded killers but there’s no blood on the X-Men’s hands because these guys wear gray costumes and they’re called X-Force. DUH!

What’s even better though is that X-Force is a SECRET! Nobody can know what’s going on with ‘Clops’ Black Ops, not even Scott’s girlfriend, Emma Frost!

So how does Cyclops keep this information from Emma, who is clearly one of the most powerful telepaths on earth?

He doesn’t tell her!