Worst Mini-Series of 2007

Jim Doom says: GAYO!

GAYOGreen Arrow: Year One was a major part in the abuse Green Arrow took in 2007. I started out really liking this, but it ended up being just a stupid retelling-slash-update of Green Arrow’s origin that just made him look like a stupid tool. The type-shout insult of “GAYO!!!” became code for “Oh no – looks like Oliver Queen has gotten into a bad situation – how about something completely random will happen that will conveniently get him (and series writer Andy Diggle) out of this pickle!” when that started happening ALL THE TIME.

Honorable mention: For all the success of 52, there is that glaring poop smear on its record that goes by the name “World War III.”
Not only was World War III a huge disappointment in terms of the story it told, it also showed DC that they could claim “52 issues isn’t enough to hold this story – we need companion series in which we can illustrate monthly stories of nothing happening!!” and PEOPLE WOULD BUY IT. Hence the absolute fecal mess that is Countdown and its weekly irrelevant spinoffs.

Honorable mention: Endangered Species. I guess it set up the Messiah Complex, which has been really good, but I still think the whole motivation behind this miniseries is a drastic bastardization of what the X-Men represent. At least it didn’t cost any extra money to read – if you already bought all the X-books, that is.

Doominator says: Ultimates 3!

In 2007, only one issue of it dropped, but I can already tell I’m going to hate the rest of Ultimates 3. God awful is one word to describe it. That’s not one word? Well, the series is bound to make as much sense. The best thing it can do is hide behind a stack of “Heroes Reborn Get Reborner.”

Fin Fang Doom sasy: 24: Nightfall!

24 is a very good television show. Well, except for Season 6…that was just terrible. And aside from that whole “make Americans think that torture actually works since it does on 24” thing. And that the guys that created 24 also created Fox News’ Half Hour News Hour. Wait a minute, where was I? Oh yeah.

24 is a very good television show. It’s a season of 24 good, short action movies. Despite all the flaws the show has (and I’ll admit, there’s a lot), it’s fun to just sit back and watch an hour of mind-numbing entertainment.

This type of mind-numbing entertainment does not translate well to comics, though. Well, the mind-numbing part does. Maybe the writer just wasn’t very good (he wasn’t), or maybe the artists just wasn’t very good (he wasn’t), but this series just wasn’t very good. Or maybe I just don’t care about the characters and mythology of 24 as much as I thought I did. Either way, 24: Nightfall was so bad it made me swear off any IDW title without some form of the words “fall” and “angel” in the title. And for those keeping track, that means I read Fallen Angel and Angel: After the Fall.

Doom DeLuise says: Countdown!

I would say Captain America: Fallen Son, but, unfortunately, Countdown is a mini-series, of sorts. A maxi-maxi-series is more appropriate a description, but it’s certainly not a regular ongoing series, so this is the category it falls into. So, I can’t reflect on how much I hated CA: FS, because Countdown is so awful that it simply must take this spot on my list. Bad, bad, bad to the bone.

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