Who is Killing the New Gods?

new godsLast week, the newest issue of “Death of the New Gods” came out, and the mystery is in full swing. New Gods are dying, and somebody familiar and unexpected is doing the killing.

So far, we’ve been given several clues within the pages of DOTNG, along with a few from “Countdown to Final Crisis,” though the clues given within Countdown could very well just be editorial missteps that will never be explained or just some writer trying to hot shot and be clever. Regardless, I think I have the mystery figured out.

Of course, I could be very wrong (I actually hope I am), so read the rest of this knowing that I don’t actually know any spoilers, and this is all just one drunk man’s theory.

For starters, we’ve been given a number of red herrings. Let’s go through those in order, shall we?

Red Herring #1: Infinity Man
Smart money has been betting on Infinity Man being the killer ever since Lightray died in the pages of Countdown, with his final words being, “Infinity…infinity.” Was he trying to give the name of his killer?


In the latest issue of DOTNG, issue four to be precise, Scott Free and the gang come upon a bunch of dead Forever People. Scott uses the Anti-Life Equation to bring them all back to life, and Big Bear says, “It was the last person we’d ever expect to see…” Why would that be? Because Infinity Man can only be seen by the Forever People when he’s summoned by them when they’re all fondling their Mother’s Box. Fondling, touching, whatever. It’s a joke that will never get old to me.

This evidence is enough to convince Superman, and he thinks that’s that. It’s not. Infinity Man isn’t the killer. Besides, the first guy they implicate in a murder mystery is never the guilty party. Plus, no motive.

Red Herring #2: Orion
Trace elements of Astro Force were found on Takion’s body after he was murdered. Orion is the only being capable of handling that stuff. Superman suspects that the evidence was planted. I agree. And, besides, the second guy they implicate in a murder mystery is never the guilty party. Plus, no motive.

Red Herring #3: Himon
Currently the leader of New Genesis, recently appointed after Takion’s death, he’s a perfect dark horse candidate. He was at the Source Wall when Takion was killed, after all.

But would he be the most unexpected person to show up to kill the Forever People? I don’t think so. I mean, maybe, since he spends his days in Apokolips. He certainly has an Emperor Palpatine vibe going for him, and he’s been acting kind of aloof and secretive, but that’s just to throw us off. Besides, he has no motive.

So who is the real killer? Well, my theory is kind of shocking, but I think it’s sound:

Scott Free, Mister Miracle, is the Killer of the New Gods.

Wait, what? Give it some thought, though, and it becomes more and more possible. Before we go further, I don’t think it’s the Scott Free running around the pages of DOTNG currently. I think we’re dealing with a Scott Free from the future. How far into the future, it’s uncertain, but it’s after the point where he’s completely lost it. Superman’s been commenting lately on Scott’s mental breakdown, and we’ve all seen it as the story’s unfolded.

But, when the Forever People refused to bend to the will of the Anti-Life Equation, it got me to thinking. What could resist the ALE? Why, the ALE. Before killing them, Scott used the Equation to cover his tracks and make sure they were unable to tell anybody about his identity.

Besides, it fits in with the first issue’s narration provided by Darkseid when he’s commenting on how he always thought Scott Free was pathetic for never trying to develop a superpower, even though he was the son of the Highfather, Darkseid’s brother and equivalent (but good). But, yet, none of these characters have any motive, do they?

Well, actually, they all share a common motive. The motive of the benefactor who meets with Metron at the end of the latest issue: The Source. The Source is what’s given Scott Free the power and desire to kill off all the New Gods. You see, it’s explained within the pages of Countdown that the Source Wall is being destroyed by people who are passing between universes within the Multiverse. And, as we’ve seen, every time a New God dies, his or her body is sent to the Source Wall.

The Source, knowing the Great Disaster that could come from the destruction of the Wall, enlists the aid of the only New God who has the power to do anything about it – – the one with the Anti-Life Equation.

Of course, let me go one further. The benefactor could also be some other entity working on behalf of the Source. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Could be the soul of Highfather, enlisting the aid of his son to save the Source from destruction.

There’s one question that lingers, though. What of all the souls of the dead New Gods? Where are they going? Well, that pesky little jerk Jimmy Olsen is somehow stealing those. How, I’m not quite sure. But, he keeps gaining the knowledge of all the New Gods as they die, because he’s gathering their souls within his body (plus a Mother Box). So what can they do to return the souls to the Wall and perhaps someday start a Fifth World with the energy of the dead New Gods? What could they do? What should they do? What must they do?

Jimmy Olsen must die.