The Dark Knight

Well, start by going here. Then change your pants, or whatever it is you do. This is one part in a big movement. 2008 will not suck superhero-movie wise.darkknightmovieposter1.jpg

“Iron Man,” from all looks, promises to be a good ride, with an amazing Robert Downey Jr. performance. But what “Iron Man” will lack is one crucial component: The Joker.

What’s needed in the sequel to “Batman Begins” is the right interplay between Batman and the villain. While the first movie was fun, it seemed that the bad guys were more incidental. Perhaps this is because the Scarecrow and Mr. Ghul aren’t enraptured in the mythos as much as some characters, or maybe because the point was the beginning of the god damn Batman. But here, we have the true antithesis to Batman in the Joker. A look at “The Killing Joke,” “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Arkham Asylum” will show just why it’s so important – and why Chris Nolan can’t fail us.

Seeing the Joker, I’m excited. This isn’t a weak Cesar Romero TV villian, or Jack Nicholson playing hammed-up and polished. This is the Joker we all know and love. The batshit insane clown. He doesn’t even bother to hide that he’s raving. It adds a more “real” feeling to him, I suppose.

But now, the heat is on. They’ve got to establish the Joker/Batman mythos … and spare the Joker in the end, too. One point of contention I had with the Batman films of my youth (I feel old) is that the villains always died at the end. Even if it was a “climax,” it always seemed anti-climatic – and made no room for Arkham Asylum, either.

This also made the first series seem more like movies than mythos. Batman was really given a context to be put in. Instead, he was just assaulted by bad guys, new girls and lame gadgets. Every new part to the series was a one-up on the last. And in all of them, Batman wasn’t a detective – he was a nearly-god like human.

Much in the same respects, “Batman Begins” never established the detective aspects. Batman demanded answers. He didn’t investigate them. His power of vengeance was there, but without the deduction. In order to establish a truer arch to the stories, we need to see this develop. And, in the same way, we need to see the interplay with the other characters develop. While all of this is happening, we need to see the evolution of the Batman. By making the second movie about the Joker, we’ve got the crucial first step. That is, if the step is taken.

So, to sum it up – the trailer looks cool, Chris Nolan. Just don’t fuck the movie up.