Bagley Headed to DC in ’08

spidermanMark Bagley, artist best known for his work on New Warriors in the ’90s and especially his run on Ultimate Spider-Man, is headed to DC, according to Newsarama:

Newsarama has learned that long-time Marvel penciler Mark Bagley, whose current exclusive contract with the publisher reportedly expires at the end of this year, will move to DC Comics to take on an undisclosed high-profile project likely sometime in 2008.

Pretty big news. Fin Fang Doom should have some words. If memory serves, Bagley is Fin’s favorite artist of all time (or at least one of them). So, what say you, folks? With guys like Phil Jimenez jumping ship from DC to Marvel, this seems like a nice twist. DC’s had a shortage of good artists lately. ‘Bout time there was a shake-up.

Hey, at least Bagley won’t be stuck on Mighty Avengers, eh?