In the absence of the Doomino Effect… BLACK WEDNESDAY

Last week was kind of slow for me, and I think I only bought one book that wasn’t Countdown or the Book of Doom, so being unable to write a segue, I thought instead I would just bemoan the coming of Black Wednesday.

Wednesdays are typically my favorite day of the week. At least they have been for the past several months. I go to the comic book store, watch the American Idol results and then watch a new episode of Lost.

Well now, not only did Jordin Sparks win last week, thus ending the season of Amerian Idol – not only did a whole bunch of awesome stuff happen on and off the island, thus ending the season of Lost – but to add insult to injury, there are no new comics on Wednesday this week!

Every year I forget this and go to the comic book store on the Wednesday after Memorial Day anyway, finding myself surprised that I’m the only customer in the store, and then suddenly realizing my error as I make eye contact with the clerks who are all looking at me with a mix of pity and amusement. I think maybe continuing that annual screw-up tradition would be the only way to make Black Wednesday worse.