Meaningless Awards of the Week- 5/23/07

Hell Yeah! of the Week- She-Hulk explains to Tony Stark why he’s an asshole, She-Hulk #18

She-Hulk 18 detail

FF 546 panelIron Man is the biggest dick in the Marvel Universe. But for some reason, Marvel editorial still treats him as if he’s a hero. Finally someone has taken the time to rip Tony Stark a new one in a Marvel comic, by a character that was an ally of his during Civil War. She-Hulk wirter Dan Slott was able to put in words exactly why Iron man deserved all those “Villain of the Year” awards he took home in 2006. Strangely, “you sound like Dr. Doom” seems to be a pretty popular insult this week.

Cliffhanger of the Week- Captain America #26

Cap 26 Cliffhanger

Surprise of the Week- the return of Black Adam, Countdown #49

Countdown 49 Black Adam

Obviously DC can still keep a secret. Makes you wonder why they blabbed about the multiverse still existing…

Fight of the Week- Birds of Prey vs. the Secret Six, Birds of Prey #106

BoP 106 HarleyHuntress vs. Catman

Big Barda vs. Knockout

Manhunter vs. Ragdoll

Spy Smasher vs. Deadshot

Hawkgirl vs. Vandal

But all of those pale in comparison to the battle of a lifetime that was…

Misfit vs. Harley Quinn!