Book of Doom: Fallen Son #2: New Avengers

It’s Book of Doom time, and that means that the Legion of Doom does its best to help some publisher sell an additional four copies of some lucky book! This week, it’s Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Avengers.

And this week’s edition of the Book of Doom features a new element to the roundtable – our rotating weekly celebrity guest comic blogger! (ORWCGCB for short) This week it’s Matt from Another Damn Comic Blog.

The first issue, starring Wolverine, was awesome, and the second stage of grief – Anger – seems to be a good fit for the splitting factions of Avengers.

In’s story on the five-part series, writer Jeph Loeb says, “The second chapter, Anger, deals with the enormous frustration over the unfairness of death. It can eat you alive if you let it. And to best tell that story, I wanted the characters Cap was most associated with — the Avengers.”

“In the aftermath of Civil War, Brian Michael Bendis had the inspired idea of splitting the team into two factions – The New Avengers and The Mighty Avengers. By doing this, Anger could be told from two different perspectives…”

Here’s the official solicitation info:

The devastating end of Civil War has two decidedly different reactions from the Mighty Avengers and the New Avengers!

If you thought heroes were divided during the War, just wait until the aftermath! That’s right, it’s both teams in one book, and we got the superstar team from Superman/Batman – Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness – to take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and the Avengers Assemble like never before!

So pick up the book and share your thoughts, or just show up Saturday when we do your thinking for you.


Don’t forget there’s a really crappy Michael Turner variant cover that looks like this: