Book of Doom: X-Factor #16

If you’re not already reading X-Factor, you should be. That’s why X-Factor #16 is this week’s Book of Doom, plain and simple. Stop by on Saturday to read our thoughts on the issue and share your own.

X-Factor 16X-Factor #16

Cover by:
Pablo Raimondi
Peter David
Pablo Raimondi
Colored by:
Brian Reber
Lettered by:
VC – Cory Petit

James Maddocks: A good man. A family man. A man of God, who opens the door in his Minnesota home one day to discover himself face-to-face with his “maker”–Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, come to remove the runaway dupe from the home and life he’s created for himself. How far will Maddocks go to save his existence…and will Jamie be willing to destroy Maddocks’ life in order to be whole once more?