JLA: The Movie

thanks to DVD Dude for the tip on this.

Looks like Warner Brothers is planning Justice League: The Movie, according to Variety. While the article mentions the potential complications with the current relaunches of Batman and Superman on the big screen, it doesn’t answer the questions of whether or not the new film (which already has writers hired) will tie in to the Nolan and Singer versions of the big two or if it will just exist alongside those worlds. Personally I think it would be pretty cool to see Christian Bale and Brandon Routh meet up on-screen. I imagine that’s the closest that folks in this era will ever get to the excitement of seeing Batman and Superman meet in the comics for the first time.

Ain’t It Cool offers up a few extra thoughts and a few clips from the hilarious pilot episode of the CBS Justice League television show. Watch the clips and you’ll understand why it never saw the light of day. I would love to see the whole episode, though.