Most Satisfying of 2006: Publisher

We’ve officially reached the conclusion of the 2006 Year in Doom, and it only took a month and a day to do it. While we previously pooped on those publishers who didn’t meet our expectations last year, we now conclude our festivities by handing out little shiny star-shaped stickers to the publishers who delivered the goods. And by goods, I mean satisfaction. And by satisfaction, I most certainly do not mean Michael Turner T&A covers. One last dig aside, thanks for tuning in and, as always, feel free to tell us why we’re wrong.

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“Most satisfying, for me, was DC.”
— Doom DeLuise

“There’s nothing more satisfying than having a company deliver on its promises. DC delivered with Infinite Crisis, it delivered with One Year Later, and it delivered with 52. Thank you, DC.”
— Fin Fang Doom

” DC has really got me reading them this year, which is strange considering how avowed a Marvel Zombie I was.”
— Doominator

The little guys

“I know this should really come down to a battle between Marvel and DC, but I was disappointed with Marvel and DC was pretty good but still left me feeling let down from the high of 2005. When I think back on 2006, I’ll most remember all the great stuff that came out from smaller publishers. Top Shelf put out some great books like The Surrogates, The Tales of Woodsman Pete and Tricked, not to mention the bonanza that was Lost Girls. Fantagraphics had a predictably solid year. Archaia Studios Press really established itself with Mouse Guard and The Killer, among others. And First Second had several fine books, including American Born Chinese, which ranked atop many best-of lists. And I know they fall under DC, but Vertigo continued to pump out great books. Forced to choose between all of those books or everything I read from the Big Two last year, I’d go with the little guys.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

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“I’ve gotten what I wanted and expected from Marvel this year. DC has had some great moments and great issues, but I sampled a lot and dropped a lot after being disappointed.”
— Jim Doom