Worst of 2006: Heroes

It’s rare that in a category so broad, even two of us will agree on a choice. But a lot of really good heroes had really bad years in 2006, so the five of us were able to pin it down to three. That means those three had to have a level of suck heretofore only associated with characters Reggie Hudlin had written.
Iron ManIron Man

“Ion is nice temptation, the hero who couldn’t shoot straight even with the whole of DC promoting him. But I have to go with Iron Man, who arguably could be picked for worst villain too. At this point, I’m actually hoping they kill off Tony Stark.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom

“Y’know, as a villain, Iron Man might rank as one of the best of the year. But since Marvel keeps insisting he’s not a bad guy, that makes him the worst hero of the year. From corrupting Spider-Man to beating the crap out of long-time friend Captain America to creating a clone of a thunder god for killing fellow superheroes, Tony Stark has been responsible for some the worst acts of 2006. But he’s still a superhero, apparently.”
-Fin Fang Doom


“How many relaunches does it take to figure out that NO ONE CARES! I’m sorry, Grant Morrison, this was your nadir.”

Nightwing 121Nightwing

“Worst hero, for me, was Nightwing, post-Crisis. I really, really hated that stuff. I’ve worn myself out over the past few months trying to explain to people how horribly they dropped the ball with him after the OYL jump, so I’ll just leave it at that.”
-Doom DeLuise

“Nightwing (after Infinite Crisis)”
-Jim Doom