Worst of 2006: Villains

I’ve opined before about the lack of new blood among the legions of villains in comics. And maybe now we have our explanation for why so few new baddies join the ranks of the Joker, Dr. Doom, Synestro and Orca. In 2006, we had a few new villains appear (and an old one rehashed in a new universe). And they promptly sunk to the depths as the worst villains of the year.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingUltimate Galactus

“I was actually excited about Ultimate Galactus after the cool Ultimate Nightmare mini, which brought the Ultimates and X-Men together for a creepy if nonsensical adventure. Then things got boring. And delayed. And stupid. Credit Warren Ellis for taking a pulse-pounding “world is going to be devoured” tale and bogging it down with so much “science” that the whole thing collapsed on itself. I didn’t even stick around long enough for the big bad guy to show up. So, he may have been pretty sweet, but does it make a sound if a villain nearly devours the world and no one’s there to witness it?”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

That poo guy from Nightwing

“I’d say that little midget guy who could turn into a big blob of goo, eat people, and poop them out in a hard shell before they also turn into a big blob of goo (from Bruce Jones’ run on Nightwing) may be the worst villain ever thought up. Actually, he may be tied with those two albino Matrix: Reloaded twins from the same run.”
— Doom DeLuise

The Children

“The new villians in “X-Men” come across to me as a joke … the highly evolved blah blah blah has failed to excite me.”
— Doominator

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingGrotesk

“If Robert DeNiro’s Frankenstein monster was a supervillain in the DC Universe, he would be called Grotesk. He would also be the villain in the worst Batman story I’ve ever read, and be the reason I dropped the book from my pull list.”
— Fin Fang Doom