Best of 2006: Villains

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe Joker

“The Joker is the Joker and will always be the Joker.”
— Doominator

“He didn’t really show up a lot in 2006, but when he did, The Joker made quite a splash. He blew up Batman, Jason Todd and himself (although none of them seemed any worse for wear). He killed Alexander Luthor. And he took center stage in the best issue so far of Paul Dini’s amazing Detective Comics run. You gotta love the Joker.”
— Fin Fang Doom

“The Joker stole the show in Infinite Crisis #7, so I have to give it up to him. He stole the thunder of the biggest crossover of the past few years, and, for that, my hat is off.”
— Doom DeLuise

Superboy Prime

“No heel turn caught me so off guard, or was so believable and terrifying, as Superboy Prime turning evil and running amok through the DCU. So often, there’s a villain with the brains in the shadows pulling all the strings who’s actually the frightening one. Alexander Luthor was a conniving, vicious SOB, for sure. But even though Superboy was little more than an attack dog, he packed one hell of a bite. What carried him over through 2006 for me was how Geoff Johns set him up in 52 and Green Lantern as a smoldering powerhouse of rage bottled up in some far corner of the universe, just waiting to exact his revenge.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThose Civil War guys

“Tony Stark and Captain America. Gotta love when the villain really thinks he’s right and isn’t just evil.”
— Jim Doom