Worst of 2006: Ongoing Series

This is probably the hardest category to make a pick for, becuase as Jim Doom points out, you don’t tend to keep reading a series if you hate it. So this is more like “The worst two issues from an ongoing series that we’re basing out opinions on of 2006.” Apologies if stuff got better, but might I interject: Why the hell did it take so long?

Nightwing 125aNightwing

“I tend to not stick with stuff that I hate, but I stuck with Nightwing longer than I wish I would have.”
-Jim Doom

“Nightwing. And anything Worldstorm.”
-Doom DeLuise


“Hawkgirl was the only series I read starting at One Year Later that I immediately disliked. I gave every other title I read at least a three or four issue try-out, but I was convinced after two issues of Hawkgirl that it wasn’t the title for me. I can’t really put my finger on it, there was just something off.”
-Fin Fang Doom


“All-Star Batman and Robin – The book is nothing short of a sh**stain on everything we consider comic bookery to be.”

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

“I was really disappointed to see Wolverine return to crappy form after a strong Millar run in 2005, but that wasn’t quite enough to edge out Nextwave: Agents of Hate. I must be in league with Nextwave, because I hate this book. I’m sure Ellis apologists will say I just don’t get it, but when I read this book, all I think of is how much I miss the New Invaders, a series with huge explosions, big fights and constant humor that didn’t have to rely on gimmicks or shoving its content down readers’ throats.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom