Worst of 2006: Mini-series

Last year saw the comics industry shift a serious amount of focus back to mini-series. With so many stories to choose from, you know some had to suck pretty serious. Here’s our choices for the dregs.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLame New World

“Pretty much all the stuff other than Shazam that came out of Brave New World has sucked a big chubby. I didn’t bother with most of it, but I stuck through three or four issues of OMAC and Martian Manhunter before I realized how worthless they were. It taught me a valuable lesson, though. Check out who’s writing something before buying it. Prior to that, I’d always just bought the issues featuring my favorite characters. I’m kind of like a child in that sense. A tall, drunk child.”
— Doom DeLuise

Cop: Out, issues 1-6

“I’m momentarily without my list of votes for this best/worst list, and I can’t remember what I voted for in this category. What can I say? I’m dumb. When I find the list, I’ll post my vote.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

X-Men: The End

“X-Men: The End went from semi-interesting to tepid and random. It tried too much and just got boring.”
— Doominator

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYoung Avengers/Runaways

“I love Runaways. I love Young Avengers. I also love ketchup and apple sauce, but you don’t see me mixing them together. Maybe that’s sort of what happened here. Or maybe the creative team on this mini-series just isn’t nearly as good as the creative teams on the individual series. Absolutely nothing of substance happened in this mini-series. Near as I can tell, it only existed to bilk me out of $12. Thanks a million, Marvel!”
— Fin Fang Doom