Most Overrated of 2006: Artists

Bad ChaykinToo Many To Pick From

“I say this only because Marvel’s promotional material calls him a “comics legend,” but Howard Chaykin is not a comics legend. His work can be pretty good, and he is amazingly thorough with surroundings, I think his work often falls far below the lofty praise it’s given. Also, I’m not sure if anyone likes Humberto Ramos, but his run on Wolverine was catastrophic. What could have been a decent compliment to Civil War was rendered tacky and silly.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom

Michael Turner. I’ve considered spending the $10 to get variant covers so that I don’t have to look at his crap on my comics. Joe Madureira. Talk about finding the one way to get me to stop reading Ultimates. It hasn’t even happened yet but the NEWS of him illustrating Ultimates wins him the prize from me. John Romita, Jr. Not really, I just want him to post a comment on the blog again.”
-Jim Doom

Bad Jim LeeJim Lee

“Jim Lee is quickly catching up to Rob Liefeld in the irritating sameness of his art.”

Bryan Hitch

“Don’t get me wrong, Bryan Hitch is a very talented artist. But putting out three issues in twelve months is ridiculous. Alex Ross put out six issues. John Cassaday put out eight. And they’re both much more talented than Bryan Hitch. Three issues? Give me a break.”
-Fin Fang Doom