Doomed from the start?

As we look back at the comic industry’s successes and failures over the past year, I thought it’d be nice to take a look at our own here at the Legion of Doom. Back in September, we launched a weekly feature – the Book of Doom. Each week, a rotating member of the Legion would choose a comic. Each participating member (and any inspired readers) would purchase that comic and give their thoughts.

The idea was to expose each other to books that we wouldn’t otherwise try, so I thought I’d take a look at how successful the experiment was. I personally slacked off in the past few weeks due to finances – only participating when the BoD was a book I’d normally purchase. But here’s my success rate in the Books of Doom, and I invite the rest of the Legion to chime in with their own.

09/12 – Green Lantern #13 – I’ve continued to purchase it, but I was already a reader.
09/19 – Civil War #4 – ditto.
09/30 – Captain America #22 – same here.
10/05 – Criminal #1 – never bought another issue.
10/11 – DMZ #12 – never bought another issue.
10/18 – Flash #5 – thought I might keep reading it, but I didn’t.
10/25 – Deathblow #1 – nope.
11/04 – Superman Confidential #1 – I was iffy, but I kept with it and I’m glad I did.
11/11 – Bullet Points – didn’t purchase.
11/25 – Astro City: The Dark Age 2 #1 – yes, I stuck with it in theory; has issue #2 come out?
12/02 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man – I didn’t participate on this one.
12/09 – newuniversal #1 – dropped it.
12/16 – Wonder Man #1 – didn’t play.

So that was 5 books out of 13, but all 5 were books I would have bought anyway. So while I’ve enjoyed playing along when I can, I can’t say that the Book of Doom has opened my eyes to any new series. Anybody else have any better luck?