Worst of 2006: Single Issue

As with last year, when Reginal Hudlin pulled down his pants and pushed The Other into the mouths of comics fans far and wide, the Doomers came to a consensus on the most egregious writing of 2006. Come on down, Mr. Bruce Jones! You dropped a grade-A stink bomb onto the world with a wholly misbegotten run on Nightwing. Perhaps this was just fitting retribution, since Nightwing should’ve died in the Crisis. But still, it takes something special to turn a beloved character into scrawls on the crapper wall.

Nightwing #???

If Bruce Jones wrote it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I hated it. The single worst issue of the year was probably when that dumb-ass paraded Dick Grayson out in front of a fashion audience dressed in the new Nightwing fashion apparel. That was disgraceful. It made it hard for me to justify spending money on comics.
— Doom DeLuise

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNightwing #124

The issue of Nightwing where there were 3 Nightwings and some monster ate Jason Todd and pooped him out as a rock or something like that, and then Jason Todd hatched out of the rock and was able to eat and poop other people.
— Jim Doom

If Dick Grayson were a real person, I would send him flowers for the treatment Jones gave him. As if it wasn’t enough to ruin one character, Jones also tainted Jason Todd in one fell swoop. Nice work, Bruce.
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

The worst issue of the Bruce Jones-penned Nightwing was certainly the last issue, #124. What makes that issue stand out amongst the half-dozen or so he wrote? Well, the story arc Jones was writing ended the previous issue. Pretty definitively ended, with the villains being defeated and the heroes triumphing and whatnot. The Jones continues the story into the next issue. It was a complete waste of 22 pages and my $2.99. This issue had no reason to exist, and my life is poorer for having read it.
— Fin Fang Doom