An early best-of list

It’s never too early to departmentalize the year, and in that vein, Publisher’s Weekly (which offers the worth-a-look PW Comics Week and a comics blog) had their critics vote for favorite graphic novels, with those books receiving the most votes earning the crown. Or whatever award they hand out.

The list is available here.

I’m not quite ready to close the door on 2006, but after looking through the PW list, I can prophesize that mine will look a little different. For starters, Rick Veitch’s excellent 9/11 reflection Can’t Get No somehow was only an honorable mention. More egregious, my favorite GN of the year (and that of many, many others) wasn’t even mentioned. That’s right, no Pride of Baghdad! I was so surprised by the exclusion that I double-checked the list three times.

The PW cast redeemed themselves with inclusions like Scott Pilgrim, Absolute: New Frontier and Marvel Zombies.

Eventually, you should be seeing some Best of 2006 entries here. If you’re feeling nostalgic, or just massively bored, here are our picks and pans from 2005.