More fun with Zombies

Marvel Zombies was a great mini-series. In my mind, there wasn’t another mini this year that came anywhere near the quality of Robert Kirman’s story. It was a shame that it was only five issues.

Except now it won’t be.

Next May Marvel’s releasing a prequel issue, that’ll show the events in the Zombie-verse leading up the the Ultimate Fantastic Four arc in which it first appeared. Kirkman says the prequel “is like a Marvel event series in 48 pages.” You know, like House of M should have been.

Oh, but wait, there’s more. A full-on sequel mini-series should also appear before the end of 2007, but that all sort of depends on Sean Phillips’ Criminal schedule.

And yes, it gets even better. Are you ready for this? You sure?


That’s right. Marvel’s teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to produce a five-isue mini-series combining the Marvel Zombies with Army of Darkness called, you guessed it, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness. You’ll see Ash team up with Spider-Man, and then you’ll see Ash fight Spider-Man. And a zombie Spider-Man, no less. The kicker? This one’s a prequel too, and will tie in directly with some events from the prequel Marvel’s putting out. Kirkman and Phillips aren’t handling the creative duties on this mini, but as you can see Arthur Suydam’s still going to be providing covers. And fear not, Kirkman is still going to be working on the series as a “creative consultant.”