Week Sixteen

Thanks to the first issue of Justice League of America, my hopes for the three marooned space cadets has diminished quite a bit. In that first issue, Wonder Woman mentions that she wishes they could have Buddy (Animal Man) join the team, but alas. Someone then mentions that they should pay his wife a visit. That means that either, a) he’s dead, along with Starfire and Adam Strange, or b) he’s still missing, or c) he left his wife and married Starfire, since she’s hotter. It doesn’t really prove anything, as it’s merely speculation, but it’s interesting, nonetheless. JLA #1 is pretty sweet, by the way.
That’s not why we’re here, though. We’re here to celebrate Week Sixteen of 52 and the wedding of Black Adam and Isis. It really is a grand ceremony, with Captain Marvel serving as best man and the rest of the Marvel family along for the fun. “Shazam!” works again, and they use it to fire up the sky and excite the citizens of Kahndaq. The only snag is that Renee Montoya, fresh off a jail break, figures out why they found so much rat poison. It can be used in bombs, making them more deadly or something. She quickly enlists the help of the Question and her vapo-gun she found in Gotham on 520 Kane Street, and, together, the three of them crash the wedding. When they find the bomb, it’s strapped to a kid, and Montoya makes the difficult decision, at the Question’s behest, to blast the kid to Kingdom Come. She does it, the wedding wraps up, Black Adam gets some butt, and there’s your story.

Meanwhile, on Paradise Planet, Adam Strange, along with Starfire and Animal Man, turn atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, and rocket off on their voyage back to New Earth.

Simply put, this issue is beautiful. Granted, I wish Isis would’ve been killed so that Black Adam would stop being a big smiling wimp, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a very pretty issue, and nicely done on all parts. There are a few questions that rise from it, however. Intergang. What are they doing? They were shipping guns and personnel into Gotham, which the Question and Montoya traced back to Kahndaq, but, once they got there, they were promptly framed and arrested. This week, they find that the entire plot on Intergang’s part led to the wedding, where some child was supposed to blow up a bunch of innocent civilians? Why? Because Black Adam refused Intergang’s peace bribe back in week two or three? That seems a tad harsh, and not to mention misplaced. I’m sure we’ll see some conclusive answers in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of next couple of weeks, guess who’s coming next week? Lobo. Ugh.

See ya in seven.