Which god’s side are they on?

Seems only fitting to post this on a Sunday.

I wrote a piece for another outlet about all the wiki projects involving comic books, and one of the most interesting links I found catalogued a ton of Marvel, DC and smaller press characters by their religion (or lack thereof). Here’s the link to the page with photos and here’s the link to the main page.

Sadly, as a Presbyterian, my only protectors are Wolfsbane and Speedball, apparently. If I gave a crap about Civil War, maybe that would be cool or ironic or something…

However, I was raised Methodist, so if I fall back on that (and really, how much different are Methodists and Presbyterians?) I can claim Superman, Supergirl and Superboy (although he’s dead now/for now).

An interesting aspect of this is looking through the list of super villains and noting which religions are most represented during specific periods of the characters being created. For instance, some newer ones are Muslim, while older ones tend toward mystic religions, Catholicism and the very popular atheism.

Another interesting aspect is the trend toward greater affiliation between characters and faith (this is not a new development, starting really after Stan Lee retired, taking his intentional disclusion of religion with him).

Taking this in another direction (don’t worry, I’m about out of steam), there’s the launch of Virgin Comics, which will tell mostly Indian stories, many based in the nation’s religious background.