Week Twelve

It looks like we have another answer to one of the questions scrawled on Rip Hunter’s blackboard, folks. Who is Diana Prince? Why, she’s one of Cassie Sandsmark’s aliases. Ralph Dibny, ever the detective, figures it out while looking for the people who broke into his storage garage last week. Cassie and the Cult of Conner, obviously, did it. If you’re wondering what else happens in this week’s issue of “52,” prepare to be knocked onto your coal-mining asses.
52 week 12
Ralph discovers that Cassie and the Cult of Conner are trying to resurrect Sue Dibny as a trial run, stealing things that were close to her (Ralph’s wedding band, Sue’s jacket, etc), in order to do so. Rather than become upset by this proposition, Ralph asks if there’s any way that he can help out.

Meanwhile, Renee and the Question find themselves deciding that there’s really only one obvious answer to the question raised when they found out Intergang is infultrating Gotham last week. They’re heading to Kahndaq.

Speaking of Kahndaq, Black Adam takes his slave woman through a passage beneath his throne room that leads to (play dramatic music) the Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel is already there, battling the Seven Deadlies in his head, trying to make sense of everything. One of my favorite moments of this issue is when we finally figure out where Black Adam’s leading Adrianna, when he gets to the bottom of the staircase and simply says, “Billy.” That’s so cool. Anyhow, Black Adam uses magic stuff to turn Adrianna into Isis, an ancient Egyptian goddess. Together, they will work for Black Adam’s cause against villains…after they find her brother.

Personally, I think this issue is pretty badass. I’m just a big fan of this series, and this issue, aside from a few GLARING editorial errors, does nothing to dissuade this fella. This is another advancement issue, though, where nothing really happens and we’re all left drooling for next week.

See ya in seven.