52: week 12

So that this review can be found with the other 52 reviews, I plucked it out of the week’s compiled reviews and gave it its own little home.

“And gathering together countries like chess pieces to consolidate a power base that only serves to threaten your people and the rest of the world.”

How does this happen? How does a big fat speech bubble like that end up in two consecutive panels? At first I thought that Adrianna was trying to make a point through some kind of parallel construction, but then I realized it was just a goof. I guess if an editorial goof is going to be excusable in any book, it’d be a book that comes out weekly. That is if an editorial goof is going to be excusable.

And on the topic of a book that comes out every month, I was thinking about how Keith Giffen does breakdowns for every book. I wonder what that’s like – drawing over someone else’s breakdowns. I wonder if John Romita, Jr has ever done that.

Anyway, I’ve been one of the folks sticking with 52, and I have no regrets. The Black Adam story alone has been great to follow, and I’ve still been given no reason to lose faith that the other stories aren’t going to pay off well.