Week Eleven

In Week Six, Booster Gold visited Rip Hunter’s lab, only to find that the good man has gone plum insane and has also vanished without a trace. Amongst his mad scribblings on his chalkboard, Rip has left a note reading, “Who is the Batwoman?” She’s been shrouded in mystery ever since showing up in the solicits some months ago (which I don’t read, but a friend of mine who does mentioned it to me), only to briefly make an appearance at the end of Week Nine. Well, now, she’s finally shown up on the scene, in aid of the Question and Montoya. She whips some serious Intergang butt, but, yet, the mystery doesn’t seem all that tough to solve. She’s got red hair. Kate Kane’s got red hair. Somewhere along the line, she learned how to throw a punch. Somewhere along the line, Kate Kane learned how to throw a punch. She’s got the same physique as Kate Kane, she attracts Montoya in the same way, etc. There are direct lines from Montoya’s internal monologue when meeting with Kate that are quoted word for word during the meeting with the Batwoman. Like I said, it doesn’t seem like much of a mystery to me.
52 week 11
Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Several things happen in this issue, and they’re worth discussing. Most importantly, Ralph Dibny beats the snot out of some kids. They are walking around a park at night, wearing Cult of Conner shirts, so he jumps them, demanding answers, until he realizes they’re just kids. He gets a call that his storage unit’s been graffitied up, just like his wife’s grave, so he pays a visit. Anything missing? He can’t tell, but we’re shown that the Cult took a coat and put it onto some wicker dummy on an upside down Superman logo slab. Methinks there’s a gonna be’s a raisin’ of da’ dead! The main storyline, though, is Montoya and the Question finding out that Intergang is, in fact, targeting Gotham for a complete takeover. They’re shipping in weapons and people, which spells trouble for the city, naturally. There’s mention of Kahndaq, and Renee suspects Black Adam may be behind the scheme. I’m not convinced. Plus, obviously, the new Batwoman shows up and beats up some thugs.

I am really starting to like the way the series is slowing itself down a bit. Instead of juggling four or five stories in a single issue, they’re giving one story the majority of an issue with a page or two for a separate one. I mean, let’s face it, something exciting can’t happen to Steel or Booster Gold every single week. It’s just not realistic. Plus, those clowns are AWOL anyway.

I’m out.

See ya in seven.