I like Ed Brubaker

I think the first Ed Brubaker comic I read was Captain America #1. I might be wrong.

I think I bought Captain America #1 because I thought “Ooh, series relaunch. I will see if it’s any good.”

I think I was just as intrigued by the art as I was the story, but I kept buying it. Captain America became my self-surprise series of the year.

So then that X-Men mini series came along. Deadly Genesis or something like that? I bought it because I was picking up all the post-House of M series, hoping some would stick. Some did. Deadly Genesis was one of them. I was, at the very least, intrigued.

I was a Marvel loyalist, but a burnt-out one, so these days, for a Marvel series to get me to continue buying it, it has to demonstrate some intangible “I will be worth your continued investment of both money and attention” quality.

Then the day came that Brian Michael Bendis left Daredevil. Several titles got me back into reading comics again, but Daredevil was the first book that came highly recommended by multiple people I trusted and also got me looking forward to New Comic Book Day(s).

Now that Ed Brubaker has taken over the book, I don’t feel like there’s been the slightest bit of drop-off. In fact, I am every bit as excited, if not more excited, to pick up the new Daredevil. Because now there will be snappy dialogue and plot advancement.

So Deadly Genesis wrapped up this week. I think I was most pleased that it managed to be revisionist history without re-writing what was already known; it managed to fit into the gaps of what was never told. I always admire that.

I don’t know where this Brubaker guy is going, but he sure will take me with him. It’s been over a year now, but I am now a subscriber to the Brubaker brand, and this guy could write Speedball Monthly and I’d probably buy it.