This Wednesday: Civil War #1 vs. Infinite Crisis #7

Civil War 1Last October, Marvel tried to one-up DC’s Infinite Crisis #1 by shipping House of M #7 the same week. Now DC’s returning the favor by shipping IC #7 May 3, the same day as Civil War #1. And just like last time, DC will come out on top.

On one side, you’ve got the beginning of another overly-hyped Marvel crossover touted as the most important ever but destined to go down as slightly more meaningful than Operation: Zero Tolerance featuring the death of the New Warriors and Captain America getting in an argument with Iron Man.

On the other, the end of the biggest DC event in 20 years featuring Superboy-Prime vs. Superman, Earth-2 Superman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl and every single Green Lantern and every other DC hero vs. every other DC villain.

Infinite Crisis 7

5.03.06 Whose side are you on?