Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Disappointments

Wow, April 1st and we’re just now finishing up the Best and Worst of 2005. Some may call me lazy for taking so long. Others may call me a visionary for stretching it out this far. Okay, so no one’s calling me a visionary. Sorry for being so lazy.

The first seven issues of House of M. The Internet did not break in half. It did, however, shrug its shoulders and move on to DC’s Infinite Crisis. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

The OtherThe Other: Evolve or Die. I’m a huge Spider-Man fan. And I love mega-crossovers. Yet this Spider-Man mega-crossover just didn’t do it for me. It had tons of momentum after three issues written by Peter David, the the whole thing came screeching to a halt as soon as Reggie Hudlin took over in November. J. Michael Stracynski wasn’t able to get me excited again when he took over halfway into the story. The crossover may have been able to survive single Hudlin issues in between David and JMS issues, but three in a row spelled disaster for The Other. And it didn’t help that the premise was iffy to begin with, and Spider-Man had already emerged from a cocoon (of sorts) with strange new powers a year earlier in Spectacular Spider-Man. -Fin Fang Doom

The Goon. The book has seemed half-hearted all year long. The storytelling that made this book so fascinating in 2004 is almost nonexistent. There’s so much filler – the last issue had pages and pages of letters and responses. And unlike Powers, which has managed to make the letters pages a selling point, The Goon’s was horribly unfunny, unenlightening, juvenile and in a horribly space-wasting format. -Jim Doom