Snow days

No kid loves anything more than they love snow days. You get out of school. You get to go sledding. You can learn to urinate in cursive.

After college, however, snow days become the thing you despise more than anything else. It’s hard to drive, mostly because other people don’t know how to drive in snow (seriously, how can you live in Nebraska and not know how to drive in snow?). You have to shovel the driveway. You have to go to work while kids get a day off and get to go sledding. People urinate in cursive in your front lawn.

So what does any of this have to do with comics? The worst part about snow days is that if it’s in the first part of the week, it delays the shipment of comics to Trade-a-Tape. Not being able to buy comics on Wednesday is a real bummer. It’s like a Monday without WWE Raw…it’s just not right.

Stupid snow.