Three weeks later

So three weeks of “One Year Later” books have come out…and where are we?

Superman has no powers. Supergirl is apparently in the future (won’t understand that til next week) and yet also Clark’s Metropolis call-girl.

Everyone thinks the Outsiders are dead, but now their cover is blown. Meanwhile, Jason Todd has been posing as Nightwing, but now Dick is in town, bagging chicks and trying to clear Nightwing’s name.

Batman and a Robin not yet explicitly identified as Tim have returned to Gotham. Poison Ivy’s apparently back. Harvey Dent has played street vigilante. Jim Gordon is once again Gotham’s police commissioner.

Oliver Queen is now mayor, and the corporate bigwigs have hired Deathstroke to take him out.

Meanwhile in JSA, apparently nothing has changed.

Oh and we have a new Aquaman? And Firestorm didn’t die or something? (Is it obvious which books I’ve picked up?)

So far, I have to say that One Year Later has been a bit underwhelming, but I do think that in all fairness, it’s too early to judge. Schedules have obviously been thrown off a bit, because we just got the Teen Titans annual this week, which leads into last week’s issue of Teen Titans the series, which precedes IC #5, which came out how many weeks ago now?

I can’t really be too hard on DC; I mean, when literally every book is affected, it’s probably an amazing feat that so many books have come out in appropriate respective order. And considering that a lot of the books are being written as supplementary pieces (as opposed to direct chronological segments), it’s not too damaging. Still, I feel like we’re kind of treading water with a lot of this stuff.

Infinite Crisis: Secret Files and Origins was thick and interesting, yet its timing left me with a feeling of “Okay, enough already, I get it.” I felt a little guilty for that kind of reaction, particularly considering how the resurrections of so many characters over the past 10 years were given real storyline justifications. But I can’t help but think that page would have meant more tucked inside an issue of the Infinite Crisis series…

…two months ago…

Nevertheless, it’s been a fascinating ride (more to come on specific IC thoughts). It has successfully converted a die-hard Marvel fan. I now buy Green Arrow, for crying out loud. And when it’s all said and done, I’m going to sit down with a huge stack some Saturday afternoon a year or so from now and read it all and continue to be amazed. But there’s still a lot to be sorted, a lot of questions to be answered, and still a lot of groundwork to be laid.

With these scheduling issues, though, I just really hope that 52 doesn’t end up getting nicknamed 107 or something.