Wolverine vs. Batman

It’s an age old debate amongst comic book fans (at least the ones I know): Who would win in a fight between Wolverine and Batman? Wolverine is undoubtedly the toughest fighter in the Marvel Universe, and Batman is unquestionably the craftiness superhero in the DCU. But what wins out in a fight?

Jim Lee WolverineImagine some cosmic entity plucks Batman and Wolverine out of their universes. He sets them down somewhere and says “Fight. Whoever wins, lives. Whoever loses, I destroy.” They have to fight. There’s no outthinking the entity. There’s no teaming up to defeat the actual villain. It’s just a fight between two guys. And Wolverine would win.

Batman’s two greatest weapons are fear and knowledge. He puts out such an air of being a scary badass that not only villains, but other heroes are downright afraid of him. And he studies everyone he considers a potential threat to such a degree that he knows exactly how to take down every single hero or villain he knows of. Take those away, and Batman’s a great fighter with some cool weapons. And we all know how that worked out for Hawkeye and Blue Beetle.


Since the Marvel and DC Universes crossover so rarely (and even more infrequently in-continuity), Batman’s two greatest assets would be nullified. Wolverine wouldn’t be afraid of Batman because A) Wolverine doesn’t know of Batman’s nasty reputation as a cruel dude, and B) he’s Wolverine. And Batman wouldn’t know how to put Wolverine down since he’s never met him before and Wolverine’s abilities aren’t immediatley obvious from looking at him (unlike, say, Iceman).

Jim Lee BatmanBatman tries to punch Wolverine, he breaks his hand. He throws a batarang, the wound heals in seconds. He uses a gas pellet, Wolverine’s enhanced metabolism breaks it down so fast it can’t affect him. Batman just doesn’t have the power necessary to wear down Wolverine and take him out. His only hope would be going for a nerve, but that’s assuming he could get close enough and Wolverine’s healing factor couldn’t counteract it.

We all know that under the proper circumstances, anyone could take out anyone. Squirrel Girl beat Doctor Doom once. Dazzler beat Galactus. Wolverine has fought the Hulk to a stand still. Batman has beaten Superman more than once. But in order for Batman to defeat someone, he needs to know his opponent. Since Wolverine’s from a different universe, that just isn’t possible. Giving enough time and planning, Batman could certainly defeat Wolverine. But there’s virtually no possibility he’d ever get the chance to do so.

Wolverine’s more ruthless than Batman, he’s a better fighter, and he has a healing factor that could compensate for virtually anything Batman could throw at him. Thats’ why, when the chips are down, he’d come out on top.