Legion of Doom’s Best of 2005- Characters

In the hands of Bendis, there’s no one I enjoy reading more than Matt Murdock. But lately, I’ve gotten a huge kick out of Judd Winick’s characterization of Black Mask. -Jim Doom

Batman OMACThe OMACs. The OMACs were everywhere this year. I don’t think there’s a hero in the DCU that didn’t fight one, and there’s more than a few that were taken out by them. They may not have been the brains behind the Crisis, but the OMACs have caused more chaos in than anyone else involved. For my money, there’s few villains better than swarms of mindles killing machines (which might explain why I like zombies so much). -Fin Fang Doom

Batman. It was a close call with Captain Ameirca. But Bats also endured the return of a former pal in villainous form. On top of that, he beat a city of clay monsters and took a major role in the Crisis. -Jean-Claude Van Doom